Posted on June 18, 2011


Welcome to Glacial Concepts. It is my personal think tank. When I graduated college, I had a dream to move to Washington DC, work at a think tank and create the policy and business ideas that would be necessary to protect the populace because of the natural progression of technology.

I applied to different think tanks espousing my philosophy on just about everything and they were not interested. Frankly, I cannot blame them as I only had 21 years of experience thinking at the time, but I believe I was better off for it.  After ten years in and out of the work force, I have a better perspective on the unintentional results sometimes created by the best intentions and the motives of entrenched interests.  I learned that it was not just technology that would follow a natural path, but ecology, business, media, and humanity. I have a more in depth world view, and can build ideas from experience rather than theory. I also developed my own style of change – Glacial Concepts.

Glacial Concepts are not the wild revolutionary changes proposed in smoky back room cabals, but instead are subtle and systematic changes over time, working in concert with the current structures until they eventually overtake them. Like the landscapes formed by glaciers over thousands of years, they will change the world- coolly and deliberately.

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